Revenue seizes over 39,000 false speakers in SP

The cargo was intercepted at the Port of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo.
At least 39,174 counterfeit boxes were seized by the Customs Office of the Port of Santos, off the coast of São Paulo, the Internal Revenue Service reported on Tuesday (5).
The products are valued at R $ 3,969,332 and would be destined to popular commerce in the state capital.
The seizure came after the Contrapuntal and Drooling Repression Division (DIREP) team finished reviewing content stored in two containers.
According to the Internal Revenue Service, load selection was performed by risk analysis. The suspect was left to the importer who, in the last year, had another shipment of speakers of various sizes, valued at R $ 6,130,532, seized by the Treasury, which found that the product was falsified.
The Federal Revenue’s suspicion is that the cargo would serve to supply the commerce of the central region of São Paulo, besides other localities. The owners of the importing company, according to the Treasury, were denounced to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF).
Products with RF transmission (Bluetooth, wi-fi …) such as wireless speakers require ANATEL approval. When counterfeit they do not have guarantees of correct operation and can cause interference in other products or even generate problems for health.
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