The direction of the ICBr declares knowledge and understands the importance of the impartiality in the realization of the activities related to the certification of products.

In order to ensure proper management in the processes and avoid any conflicts of interest that may occur, it maintains procedures that ensure the objectivity of its activities.

It is the responsibility of ICBR as OCP accredited by CGCRE to present to the client laboratory options accredited by CGCRE for the realization of the tests that will be used in the process of certification of the product that are part of its scope. Accredited laboratories are those: a) accredited by CGCRE B) accredited by organizations accrediting laboratories in another country with which Inmetro maintains mutual recognition agreement (MRA)

The ICBR certifications also declares that it does not certify other bodies for certification activities, as well as, does not carry out consultancy in management systems and products.

Campinas-SP, September 12, 2008.