Atendemos a todo Brasil

Grupo Ibrace
Escritório Campinas

Rua Maestro Francisco Manuel da Silva, 71
Campinas – SP – 13080-190 

T: (19) 3578-0100

Grupo Ibrace
Escritório Brasília

SRTV/Sul Quadra 701 Ed. Centro Empresaria Brasília, Bloco A, Salas 701/705 – Asa Sul
Brasilia – DF

T: (19) 3578-0100

Nosso laboratório trabalha no sistema 24h/5d, temos atendimento ao cliente para o acompanhamento do projeto em horário comercial.

Certificações AnatelCertificação de Produtos – Testes e Ensaios Laboratoriais.

Who should apply for approval of a product in Anatel?

The parties which may request the approval of a product in Anatel shall be:

  • The manufacturer of the product;
  • The supplier of the product in Brazil;
  • Physical or legal person requesting the approval of a telecommunication product for its own use.

The proof that the interested party is regularly established according to Brazilian laws in order to be responsible for the quality, supply and technical assistance related to the product in the national territory should be made by Presentation of the card of the taxpayer, of the Social contract, and of the letter of representation of the manufacturer of the product, when the application for approval is made by supplier.

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