Atendemos a todo Brasil

Grupo Ibrace
Escritório Campinas

Rua Maestro Francisco Manuel da Silva, 71
Campinas – SP – 13080-190 

T: (19) 3578-0100

Grupo Ibrace
Escritório Brasília

SRTV/Sul Quadra 701 Ed. Centro Empresaria Brasília, Bloco A, Salas 701/705 – Asa Sul
Brasilia – DF

T: (19) 3578-0100

Nosso laboratório trabalha no sistema 24h/5d, temos atendimento ao cliente para o acompanhamento do projeto em horário comercial.

Certificações AnatelCertificação de Produtos – Testes e Ensaios Laboratoriais.

Is there more than one OCD? How to choose the best?

Yes, there are several OCDs in Brazil, which can be consulted through the site of ANATEL. IBRACE is OCD No. 1 in relation to the quality and quantity of certified processes, according to information from the ANATEL website itself.

 For you can choose the best OCD, be attentive to the PQC (continuous quality Plan). In order to promote the continuous improvement of the certification process and approval of telecommunications products led by Anatel was initiated, in January 2013, the continuing quality program of the designated certification bodies (PQC-OCD ).

The primary objective of the program is to evaluate the performance of the OCDs, setting specific targets for the maximum quantity of approval requirements, of each OCD, which undergo "requirements" before their approval. The number of requirements reflects the need to re-evaluate the documentation submitted when applying for approval, arising from any technical or documentary failure occurring during the product conformity assessment process.

In order to give more transparency to the program, each quarter, the percentage of requirements analyzed by the agency that went through demands, of each OCD, and the results are published on the Anatel's website on the Internet.

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