The process starts with the request of a technical/commercial proposal, and so that we can elaborate it we will need some technical information of your product. It is important at this point to have as much detail as possible of the product (s) to be certified, so that we can draw up a correct proposal and according to Anatel’s requirements, avoiding any kind of surprise in the course of the process due to lack of Some information.

Important information for submitting to the proposal request

1-Detailed technical specification of the product, containing at least:

  • Application
  • Place of use;
  • Power supply (source, charging base, direct power 110/220v, etc.);
  • Operating frequency range;
  • Power
  • Existing Interfaces;
  • Existing technology.

2 – If your product falls under the family rule *, it is necessary to know which products would fall into this situation, and it is ideal to send external and internal photos of all the products that could be composed of the family. * Product Family rules: 1 – for antennas and cables there is a specific rule already defined by Anatel through IG06 2 – for the other products, we have two possibilities of composing a family, being

A – Pure family – tests only one model and tests are already valid for other family members

-For this case the motherboard and the casing of the products must be equal, the models can be only Sub-equipados (example: a product that has the TV function in one model and in another does not, and in this case the motherboard is only sub-equipada with components intended for this functions But the motherboard is exactly the same)-for this case the test is done in the most complete model and for the other models it is not necessary to carry out additional tests.

B-Family with tests complement

-for these type of products we have the characteristic of having the same motherboard for all models, but the casing are different among the models-for this case it is necessary to fully test one of the models and perform partial tests on the other models members of Family. Your product framing as a family may exist in the values of tests, fees and certification, however the documentary part is necessary for all models of the family, such as external and internal photos, specifications, manuals, among others. With all the information in hand, we will be sending you a technical/commercial proposal containing all the values involved, deadlines, payment condition, Anatel rating for your product and all applicable tests. After this step just send us if “according” in our proposal, with the submission of your registration data, for your process to be initiated.