Periodic maintenance shall take place within a deadline of up to: 12 months-Products category I 24 months-Products category II products category III: No maintenance unless the product is modified or Anatel’s regulations are Changed. The definition of the documentation and testing required for the process/product will depend on two conditions: 1) existence or non-alteration in the product design and/or manufacturing process of the same in relation to initial certification;

2) Existence of some kind of change in the rules of ANATEL;


  • The Ibrace communicates the customer 3 to 4 months before the expiration of the technical compliance certificate;
  • The certificate of conformity shall remain valid as long as the product is marketed;
  • The internal and external photos sent to the maintenance process must be taken from the current production;
  • Samples sent for testing in the maintenance process, where applicable, may not be the same as those used for initial certification tests. The sample should be present.