It is necessary to acknowledge the certificate of technical conformity by ANATEL, this recognition is called approval. To require the approval of a product with ANATEL, the following documents and information shall be provided:

  • Certificate of technical conformity issued by OCD;
  • User Manual of the product, written in Portuguese language (for products intended for the general public);
  • Registration information of the product supplier in Brazil;
  • Social contract (applicable only in the first component type-approval application);
  • Letter of representation (where applicable);
  • Warranty time information;
  • Content of the ANATEL stamp and site of its posting on the product.

At the same time, OCD also performs some actions, such as:

  • Site registration Anatel;
  • Register application data;
  • Attaching relevant documents to submission;
  • Create Anatel stamp prototype and attach on site;
  • Generate billet concerning the Anatel rate;
  • Make payment of the billet;

Important: Some of the above steps are performed as a courtesy by IBRACE, other OCDs may have different procedures.