Accessing by Internet Explorer accessing by Google Chrome changing the language of FTP IBRACE-ICBr uploading files in FTP IBRACE-ICBr downloading files on FTP IBRACE-ICBr

Accessing by Internet Explorer

When you click on the FTP link, the window below (Figure 1) opens. Choose the "continue on this site (not recommended)" option as shown:

Certificate-Error Figure 1

Accessing by Google Chrome

When you click on the FTP link the following window (Figure 2) opens. Click on "Advanced"

Certificate-Erro2 Figure 2

The following window (Figure 3) will open. Click "Go to FS (not safe)"

Certificate-Erro3 Figure 3

Changing the FTP language IBRACE-ICBr

To change the language of the page click the flag on the login screen (Figure 4)

Ftp1 Figure 4

Choose the language you want in the displayed list (Figure 5), and then click bt03

Ftp2 Figure 5

Use your login and password to access the FTP system IBRACE-ICBr (Figure 6)

Ftp3 Figure 6

Uploading files on FTP IBRACE-ICBr

It is mandatory to be with Java installed and updated.

After logging into the system click "Send" in "New Directory" (Figure 7)

Ftp4 Figure 7

From a name to the new directory (Figure 8), and then click Enbt03ter in the Created folder. In the example the created folder is called "Test" (Figure 9)

Ftp6 Figure 9

Inside the folder created clickbt01 and then onbt04 (Figure 10)

Ftp7 Figure 10

In the File submission screen clicbt06k (Figure 11) Select the files you want to upload, click "Open" and wait for the upload to complete.

Ftp8 Figure 11

Downloading files on FTP IBRACE-ICBr

Enter the created folder. In the example the created folder is called "Test" (Figure 12)

Ftp9 Figure 12

Select the desired file and click bt05(Figure 13)

Ftp10 Figure 13