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PQC-OCD: IBRACE once again in the first place!

ANATEL announced last week the results of the PQC-OCD (program of continued quality of the designated certification bodies) for the 2nd quarter of 2015. As explained in a previous CertNews, this program refers to the evaluation of the performance of the OCDs performed by ANATEL.

We are pleased to report that, once again, the IBRACE was in 1st place as the OCD with fewer requirements for issued requirements, being also below the goal of ANATEL in the quarter. This result is the fruit of our continued commitment to provide a fast, accurate and always better service!

Would you like to certify your product with the OCD leader in the market? Ask for your proposal and we will be happy to serve you!

Evaluation of the main OCDs 
Second quarter of 2015 
Quarter goal: up to 7.5%



  • The percentages in red indicate that the goal was not met.
  • The second column indicates the total number of requirements of each OCD analyzed by Anatel in the period quoted.
  • The third column indicates the percentage value of requirements that have been "required" in relation to the total number of requirements.
  • elaborated in 31/07/2015.

Source: ANATEL