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Certificações AnatelCertificação de Produtos – Testes e Ensaios Laboratoriais.

New rules for certification and approval of digital transmitters and transceivers point-to-point.

Act No. 8385/17 is already in force, published by ANATEL, which contemplates new requirements for certification and approval of digital transmitters and transceivers point-to-point and repeals resolutions No. 360 and 369.

Among the main updates in this new regulation, we have:

  • (a) Withdrawal of radio approval tests under certification;
  • Need to perform the test in 3 channels or 1 channel in certain tests;
  • Inclusion of climatic periods in some tests, that is, during the test there is the realization of up to 5 measures.

In the transitional regulation step, the requirements set out in resolutions 360 and 369 for the certification procedures for digital transceivers and transmitters that are contracted with the OCD by day 06/05/2017 may be used, not May exceed the date of payment of the approval application for the analysis of Anatel until the day 07/08/2017.

The full regulation can be consulted here.

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