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Nosso laboratório trabalha no sistema 24h/5d, temos atendimento ao cliente para o acompanhamento do projeto em horário comercial.

Certificações AnatelCertificação de Produtos – Testes e Ensaios Laboratoriais.

Delayed RFC and ETSI tests for IPV6 protocol

Anatel published on 28 July 2016, the technical requirement – category I in which it already shows the postponement of the RFC and ETSI tests for the IPV6 protocol. See this link file highlighting the updated items.

In summary what has been changed:

-Updated the validity date of application of the tests of RFC 2460 and ETSI TS 102 514 for January 1, 2017;

-Removed RFCs 4861 and 4862;

-Inclusion of ETSI TS 102 514;

-Update of RFC 2460 items.

Do not expect to reach 2017 to suit the certification of the IPV6 protocol, if you have mobile cellular phone products, with access to data or voice by 3g and 4g technology, please contact our business team.

Source: ANATEL