Customer Responsibilities

The licensed company must undertake:

  • Meet all the conditions in the procedures, as well as the applicable technical standards related to the products under certification.
  • Reserve the identification for the product that is in the request;
  • To meet the decisions taken in the application of the procedures under the conditions laid down for each case;
  • To facilitate inspectors and auditors all means necessary to carry out the controls defined in the manufacturing audit procedures.
  • Refrain from placing the batch-conformity identification stamp that does not meet the requirements of the relevant carriers or technical standards.
  • Verify and ensure compliance of the products with the requirements. In addition, it must exercise control in such a way that the seal of conformity identification is applied solely to the products which conform;
  • Maintain a permanent control system of the certified product as laid down in the certification requirements.
  • Keep the complaints record of your customers as well as the corrective actions implemented. These records must be readily available to the Brazilian Certification Institute for evaluation of the licensed company;
  • Place the seal of conformity identification on the products for which it was granted and only in the conditions laid down. The logo must be placed on both the product and the packaging.
  • Carry out the corresponding controls and tests, defined in the procedures and technical requirements.
  • To submit to the Brazilian Institute of Certifications, prior to marketing, any modification you make to the product for which the licence was granted, including trade names;
  • Make use of the conformity identification stamp only in documents that reference the certified products.
  • Prior to submitting to the body all disclosure material where the conformity identification seal is made, or which refers to its certification to request approval from INMETRO and must conform to the requirements of the Certifying body and with the requirements set out in the provisions of INMETRO N º 274 of 13/06/2014 and 333 of 28/06/2012 and be applied only to the certified product (s).

Responsibilities of ICBR

For the certification process of any product, the Brazilian Certification Institute is responsible for:

  • Collection of quality Management system documentation-QMS;
  • Choose in common agreement with the supplier, the test laboratory;
  • Evaluation of the QMS documentation and submission of the audit plan to the supplier;
  • Evaluation of the quality management system of the manufacturing plant where the product is manufactured as the subject of certification;
  • Evaluation of routine tests in the manufacturing unit where the product is manufactured, the subject of certification;
  • Selection of the sample to be forwarded to the laboratory tests;
  • Evaluation of technical documentation and test reports;
  • Evaluation analysis and certification recommendation;
  • Issuance of the certificate of technical conformity and licence for the use of the seal of conformity identification;
  • Submission of the certification process to the Certification Commission;
  • Certification Supervision – Periodic maintenance