What is ANATEL approval/certification for telecommunications products?

ANATEL certification is necessary for the marketing of telecommunications products in Brazil. They are mainly wireless products such as cellphones, tablets, car keys and smartwatches. Certification is the guarantee that consumers have to acquire and use appliances that follow the standards of quality, safety of use and mandatory functionality according to Brazilian telecommunications regulations. The product may be sold legally only after issuing the certificate of technical conformity and having completed the ANATEL type-approval procedure in which an identification number is generated for the product model and it must be in all units of the same , through the ANATEL seal. In Brazil, ANATEL, the National Telecommunications Agency, is responsible for the control of the products through its regulation on certification and approval of telecommunications products, according to resolution 242.

OCD – Designated Certification Body

In order for the certification process to begin it is necessary to contact a OCD, designated certification body. The OCD is the bridge between his company and Anatel, it is he who conducts the whole process of Anatel certification, called the conformity assessment of telecommunications products, issuing the final certificate of technical conformity. Only with this certificate issued by OCD is it possible to obtain the approval of the product, in order to be possible the legal marketing of its equipment in national territory.

IBRACE Certifications – OCD

One of the OCDs is the IBRACE certifications, which 15 years ago offers its customers full service in the ANATEL certification, making the approval process simple and fast. Due to our experience and after thousands of approvals, we are market leaders and one of the only groups to offer the synergy between certifying body and testing laboratory (CERTLAB). We always cherish our services with excellence, and for this reason we are appointed by the program of Continuous quality Control (PQC) of ANATEL as a reference in quality and efficiency, being the best in the market. Schedule a visit, schedule a training or request a proposal, we are available to make your certification in the fastest and most accurate way in the market.