Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC)

TestStandards and resolutions
LED emissionRes. N º 442, CISPR 22 and 11, IEC 60601-1-2
Radiated emissionRes. N º 442, CISPR 22 and 11, IEC 60601-1-2
Immunity to Rapid electrical transients (EFTB)Res. N º 442, IEC 61000-4-4, CISPR 24, IEC 60601-1-2
Immunity to disturbances conductedRes. N º 442, IEC 61000-4-6, CISPR 24, IEC 60601-1-2
Immunity to radiated disturbancesRes. N º 442, IEC 61000-4-3, CISPR 24, IEC 60601-1-2
Electrostatic discharge Immunity (ESD)Res. N º 442, IEC 61000-4-2, CISPR 24, IEC 60601-1-2
Immunity to outbreaksRes. N º 442, IEC 61000-4-5, CISPR 24, IEC 60601-1-2
Immunity to voltage dropsRes. N º 442, IEC 61000-4-11, CISPR 24, IEC 60601-1-2
Immunity to magnetic fieldsIEC 61000-4-8, CISPR 24, ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1-2
Emission of harmonic currentsIEC 61000-3-2, ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1-2
Voltage and flicker fluctuation emission (flicker)IEC 61000-3-3, ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1-2
Resistance in Telecom and energy portsRes. N º 442 Art 13

SAR Test

Resolution No. 303Specific absorption rate-SAR (Brazilian standards)
Resolution No. 533
IEFF STD i528Specific absorption rate-SAR (International standards)
IEC 62209-1
IEC 62209-2
BS EN 50361 Cenelec
FCC OET 65 Supplement C

Lithium-ion battery test

Resolution No. 481Battery test (electric and safety)
IEC 61960Battery test (electrical requirements)
IEC 62133Battery test (Safety requirements)

Functional test on Telecommunications ports (E1)

SDT 225-100-706Functional tests on port E1

Functional RF Tests

TIA/EIA-98-CMobile and ETA (CDMA)
3GPP2 CS0011-AMobile and ETA (CDMA 2000)
ETSI TS 151 010-1Mobile and ETA (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)
ETSI TS 134 121-1Cellular and ETA (WCOMA/HSPA/HSPA +)
ETSI TS 136 521-1Cellular and ETA (LTE)
Res. N º 146, 169, 309, 453ETA of STFC
Res. No. 506General terms of issue
Res. No. 506-section IPeriodic operation device
Res. No. 506-section IIWireless microphone and Telemetering
Res. No. 506-section VIIcordless phone
Res. No. 506-section VIIISTFC Wireless Extension System
Res. N º 506-section IXEquip. With spectral spread or Digital modulation
Res. N º 506-section XBroadband Wireless access System
Res. No. 506-section XIIRadio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID)
Res. No. 506-section XIIIRemote Control system
Res. No. 359, 360Digital transceivers below 1GHz
Res. N º 369, 492, 494Digital transceivers above 1GHz
Resolution No. 414Transceivers for Earth stations
Resolution No. 361trunked Digital Transceiver
Resolution No. 544Base radio station and repeater (GSM/WCDMA)
ETSI TS 136 141Base radio station (LTE)
ETSI TS 136 143Repeat Cellular (LTE)
ETSI EN 301 502 V. 9.2.1 (2010-10)Transceiver for Base radio station-Multicarrier
ETSI 136 141 (3GPP TS 36,141 v 9.8.0-2011-06) and ETSI 125 141 V. 10.9.0 (2013-07) (3GPP TS 25,141 10.9.0 version of 10)Femtocélula of residential use
ETSI 136 141 (3GPP TS 36,141 v 9.8.0-2011-06) and annex to resolution 544, 12/20/2010Femtocélula of non-residential use
SDT 225-100-706 (02/07/1992), ITU-T G. 703 (11/2011) and ITU-T G. 736 (03/1993)E1 Interface (2048 kbits/s)
Annex to resolution 633 of 14 March 2014Telecommunications equipment, transceiver and Digital transmitter, repeater (not TV)

Safety test

IEC 60950-1Information technology equipment (TI)
Resolution No. 529Telecommunications equipment

Energy efficiency test

CGCRE 170-Annex EEnergy efficiency in information technology equipment

New scopes

CGCRE Gate No. 427Televisions
ABNT NBRIEC 60065Audio, video and similar devices
ABNT NBR NM 60335-1 | EC 60335-3-XXXAppliances and the like
3GPP TS 36.523-1IPV6 protocol
RTQ 595/2013 | 480/2011 | 494/2012Electronic point Recorder (R.E.P.)
Current standardsScale
Regulatory Standard 10 (NR 10)Personal Protective Equipment | Collective protection Equipment

* The CERTLAB performs 100% of the necessary tests and required by the 563 and Porta 427 for the certification of its TV, among them:-Energy efficiency-security-electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) See our scope directly on the site of CGCRE . Get in touch and take your questions!