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ANATEL takes another step to blocking pirated cellphones

In discussion since 2014, the blockade of pirated cell phones in Brazil has advanced another step on Friday (26/05/17). According to ANATEL's official statement, the plan is that until October/17 all irregular cell phones in Brazil are disabled.

The purpose of this action is to end up with pirated or stolen cellphones, which do not have IMEI or have this number altered. The IMEI is the individual identification number of mobile phones, registered in the International database GSMA.

Still awaiting an agreement on the date, the goal of ANATEL is that operators start to warn users that they have these devices at the end of July/17. From this date will be given the 75 days period for the blockade.

Mobile phones purchased outside the country will not be affected, provided they have passed through the certification process in their respective countries of origin and have their IMEI in the GSMA database, standard process for the legal sale.

According to data of two years captured by the follow, agency behind the program of blockade, since 2014 were identified more than 13 million of counterfeit phones, being that per month, the average of new replicas goes from 1 million.

On the other hand, according to ANATEL's data, the month of March/17 ended with the total of 242.8 million of mobile phones in the country, and only this month were approved about 120,000.

The trend with this blockade is the demand for appliances accordingly increase, and is an opportunity to heat the market, since the phones are almost indispensable these days.

Project follow

The lock will be another measure of the project follow. One of the actions that is already in operation is the use of the National Register of prevented mobile stations (CEMI). The police themselves can register in the CEMI the stolen or robbed device. The victim does not need to inform the IMEI of the device and just the phone number to make the registration and the operators must perform the lock of the device.


Another action developed by Anatel is the supervision of irregular products. It determined the immediate withdrawal of irregular products identified in the online platform of the "free market". The craft received on the 17th of this month by the free market is the first to identify the commercialization of so-called Microcellulars.

The technical area of Anatel informs that it has not registered any request for certification or the approval of Microcellulars. Product approval guarantees the user the quality and safety of the appliance and is necessary for the marketing of mobile phones in the country. Products identified in the craft presented false or irregular type-approval seals. If other complaints or information of problems appear, Anatel will act in any Brazilian state where the problem originates.

Count on the IBRACE group, the leader in the certification of cellular devices in Brazil and the certificate with error rate of 0.6%.


Source: ANATEL

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