What are laboratory tests of products?

Laboratory tests are the essential part of the certification process, it is only through the test reports that it is possible to prove that the product is able to be marketed without risk to the population.

Certification tests are carried out in laboratories accredited by CGCRE, i.e. they are competent and capable for the effective and attestation of the results.

What are these tests for?

 It is verified in the tests whether the equipment complies with the technical standards and requirements as defined by the regulatory bodies, preserving health, safety and the environment.

Different types of tests are performed for each product type, aiming at the performance of the same in specific situations such as explosion risk, electromagnetic interference, electrical failures and exposure to low or high temperatures.

In addition to testing for certification, it is possible to request development tests, which occur before the certification begins, in which the current conditions of the products are evaluated and which points need to be improved and altered to pass in the Final tests.

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Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) and functional tests;

They measure the ability of an equipment to function in a particular electromagnetic environment without interfering or disturbing the equipment close to it or without being disturbed by these or other equipment.

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SAR test;

It measures the amount of RF (radio frequency) energy absorbed by the human body during the use of a device.

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Lithium-ion battery tests;

Checks the safety of battery performance under electrical, physico-chemical, climatic, physical endurance, battery performance, stocking.

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Safety tests;

Product behavior when exposed to extreme conditions such as electrical overload and temperature.

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Energy efficiency test;

Verification of the energy expenditure of the product according to the classification indicated.

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Test on televisions;

Energy efficiency tests, security and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) according to CGCRE 563.


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