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REP certification became compulsory on April 1, 2017.

1. Certification objectives of Point electronic registers

REP certification is required to certify that appliances meet minimum performance requirements, aiming at:

  • The faithful record of the dot markings effected;
  • Preserve the inviolability of the equipment;

2. Regulation

REP certification is mandatory according to:

  • The gate No. 480 of 15 December 2011;
  • portess N º 494 of 1 October 2012;
  • It would be no. 595 of December 5, 2013.

3. Key Dates

  • From April 1, 2017

Certificates of conformity issued by MTE-accredited bodies are invalid.

  •  From April 1, 2017

The REP should be manufactured and imported only in accordance with the approved requirements.

  •  From October 1, 2017

The REP should be marketed, in the national market, by manufacturers and importers, only in accordance with the requirements.

  •  From April 1, 2018

The REP should be marketed in the national market only in accordance with the approved requirements.

4. Features REPs that need certification

To be considered an electronic point recorder, the REP must present the following requirements:

  • Real time internal clock with minimum precision of one minute per year with uninterrupted operating capacity for a minimum period of 1440 hours in the absence of electric power supply;
  • Real time clock display containing hour, minutes and seconds;
  • Have a printing mechanism in paper coil, integrated and exclusive use of the equipment, which allows impressions with minimum durability of five years;
  • Permanent storage medium, called Point-MRP record memory, where stored data cannot be erased or altered, directly or indirectly;
  • Storage medium, called work memory-MT, where the data needed for the REP operation will be stored;
  • External USB standard port, called the fiscal port, for the ready capture of data stored in MRP by the Auditor-fiscal of the work;
  • For the point marking function, the REP should not depend on any connection to other external equipment; And
  • The point markup will be interrupted when any operation requiring the REP’s communication with any other equipment is made, either for loading or reading data.

5. Certification Models

The REP certification can be performed according to the following models:

  • Certification Model 4

Test of type followed by verification by testing samples withdrawn in trade and in the manufacturer. Maintenance is performed every 12 months.

  • Certification Model 5

Type test, evaluation and approval of the quality management system of the production process, monitoring through the manufacturer’s audits and testing in samples withdrawn alternately in the trade and in the manufacturer. Maintenance is performed every 24 months.

  • Certification Model 1b (7)

Batch rehearsal. There is no maintenance process.

6. Certification steps (Model 5)

The REP certification is made up of nine steps:

  • Certification request;
  • Critical analysis of the request;
  • certification;
  • Documentation
  • Sampling and manufacturing audit;
  • Tests
  • Technical analysis;
  • Authorisation of the use of the seal of conformity;
  • Maintenance assessment.

7. Applicable tests

The REPs shall be subjected to the following tests:

  • Functional tests;
  • Non-functional tests;
  • Software tests.

8. Duration of certification process

The certification process has an average duration of 1 month, and may vary according to some situations, such as delay in sending the documentation to OCP, or fail in any of the tests.

9. How long is my certificate valid?

The Certificate of conformity is valid for 6 (six) years, but it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance of the certificate so that it remains valid. Maintenance is conditional on the certification model, being:

  • Model 4 – 1 (one) year;
  • Model 5 – 2 (two) years;
  • Model 1b (7) – No maintenance.

10. Product at the point of sale

The REPs may be marketed only if they have clearly and visible to the consumer the technical conformity stamp.

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