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The certification of fans became compulsory in January 2012.

1. Fans certification goals

The certification of fans was necessary after the realization that these appliances present risks to the health of consumers, until then the propellers were accessible to the touch, and it was identified danger in relation to heat and electric shocks.

2. Regulation

  • 18.01.2012 INMETRO.

3. Key Dates

  • January 18, 2012;

INMETRO’s Gate number 20.

  • 19 December 2013;

INMETRO’s Gate number 611.

4. Characteristics of fans that need certification

The following appliances are included in the fan certification:

  • Table fans;
  • Wall fans;
  • Pedestal fans;
  • Air circulaters or similar appliances.

5. Certification Models

Two certification models are applicable to fans, being the supplier/manufacturer’s choice to determine which will be used by OCP, they are:

  1. Model 5 – Type test, evaluation and approval of the manufacturer’s management systems, and monitoring through the manufacturer’s audits and testing in samples withdrawn in trade;
  2. Model 7 – Batch tests;

6. Certification steps

Model 5 The Model 5 certification consists basically of three steps:

  • Initial assessment;
  • Certification request;
  • Initial audit.

The Model 7 certification consists basically of five steps:

  • Initial assessment;
  • Certification request;
  • Test Plan;
  • Issuance of the Certificate of conformity;
  • The object’s record.

7. Applicable tests

The fans shall be subjected to the following tests:

  • Safety tests;
  • Energy efficiency tests;

8. Duration of certification process

The certification process has an average duration of 6 months, and may vary according to some situations, such as delay in sending the documentation to OCP, or fail in any of the tests.

9. How long is my certificate valid?

For fans, the certificate must be maintained every 12 months.

10. Product at the point of sale

Fans may be marketed only if they are clearly and visible to the consumer, the seal of conformity identification or the National Energy Conservation label – wax, belonging to the Brazilian labelling program – PBE.

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