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What is product certification?

 Product certification is one of the mechanisms of conformity assessment. Conformity assessment is a systematic process, which has pre rules. This process is duly monitored and evaluated in order to provide:

  • Adequate degree of confidence that a product needs to have;
  • Whether it meets pre-established requirements in standards or regulations;
  • The best cost benefit for society.

The main objective of the conformity assessment is to inform and protect the consumer on health, safety and the environment, thus stimulating continuous improvement of quality.

It is important to note that the conformity assessment process does not objectively guarantee the quality of the product, which is the manufacturer’s responsibility.

In Brazil is Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and technology) the body responsible for the management of the conformity assessment programs, within the framework of the Brazilian System of conformity assessment – SBAC. Inmetro defines the rules in specific carriers determining which and how to evaluate each product, and is also responsible for believing the certification bodies, testing and calibration laboratories.

Some products that may pass through the conformity assessment are:

  • Appliances
  • Medical equipment;
  • Electronic point registers (REP);
  • Computer goods;
  • LED lamps;
  • Fans
  • Sound power.


Do I need to certify my product?

Necessarily, maybe not. There are products for which certification is mandatory, but for some types the certification is not required to enter the market.

There are two types of certification: compulsory and voluntary.

  • Compulsory certification is regulated by law or Ordinance of a regulatory body. This compulsoriedade gives priority to safety, health and environmental issues, so products listed in the regulations can only be marketed with certification and must bear the conformity identification mark which is the seal of Conformity identification.
  • Voluntary certification is an exclusive decision of the applicant for certification and aims to ensure compliance with Brazilian, regional or international technical standards, as well as a qualitative differential with the aim of demonstrating Credibility to the products offered, thus adding value to its brand.

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How to certify my product?

The certification of products is always carried out by a third party. In Brazil it is carried out by products certification bodies (OCPs).

There are seven certification models, and each RAC determines which is to be used in the product. In general the most used model is model 5, and for this reason we will describe the steps of the certification considering this certification model.

Check out the product certification steps in detail here!

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What is required to certify a product?

  In order to begin the certification of products, in addition to meeting the requirements of the technical standards, it is necessary that the company proves some points to make sure that it has full control of its activities and has the ability to carry out the process of Certification, they are:

  • Regularized infrastructure;
  • Qualified professionals;
  • Documentation of equipment used for production;
  • Documents of the procedures used for the production and other documents requested in the RAC specific to your product.
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Do I need to worry that my product is already on the market?

After certification of the product and the power to be commercialized, INMETRO must carry out the procedures to make sure that it does not have its property, or to identify the irregularities or the ways to find its Conformity evaluation program. This monitoring consists of activities of:

  • Inspection: Consists of the monitoring of products with compulsory certification that is already being marketed. It aims to make sure that the Technical Norms and Regulations are aimed at ensuring the safety and security of food.
  • Verification of Compliance: In this type of follow-up the samples of products in companies are removed and the samples are submitted to new tests. The safety and quality standards are in accordance with the requirements and standards for the product has been tested.
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Product certification is an investment for your company, but see below the benefits of certification:

  • Strengthening the market, providing fair competition;
  • Trust and credibility;
  • Add value to your brand;
  • Stimulates the continuous improvement of the quality of your company;
  • Protects the internal market;
  • Facilitates foreign trade.

OCP – Product Certification Body

In order to initiate the conformity assessment process it is necessary to contact an OCP, product certification Body, accredited by CGCRE/INMETRO. The role of OCP is to mediate the process between the client and the regulatory body.

By believing OCP, INMETRO recognizes this body as being competent to evaluate product conformity.

ICBR Certifications – OCP

 One of the OCPs able to carry out the certification of products is ICBR certifications, which stands out in the market for offering complete services to its customers, these being the certification and conducting of tests, through the CertLab-making the process of evaluation of Simpler and faster compliance.

With the experience accumulated in 10 years of market, after the issuance of thousands of certificates and for its excellent support in the process, ICBr has won a space in the product certification market.

Contact Us, schedule a visit and get to know what’s most modern in the certification business!

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