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ANATEL, through resolutions 242 and 323, has defined a list of telecommunication products that have the obligation to be approved and divided this list into three categories:

Category I: They are mostly products that will be used by end users. The equipment of this category needs to be retested annually so that it is proven that no modification has occurred in the same during the production time, and consequently so that they can continue on the market.

Examples of category I products:

  • Cell phone;
  • cell phone battery;
  • Cell phone chargers;
  • Modem.

Category II: Devices that emit radio signal, such as AM and FM transmitters and receivers. These equipments need revaluation every two years, where they are verified by documentation if the specifications remain the same as those tested, the laboratory tests are not necessary.

Examples of category II products:

  • Wifi network equipment;
  • Radio-frequency automation equipment;
  • Antennas and radio and television transmitters.

Category III: They are products that follow national legislation in the question of reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. They are appliances that operate internally and have no direct contact with the end user. These equipment do not need to go through retests or revaluations.

Examples of category III products:

  • Fiber optic cables;
  • Cable connectors.

The IBRACE is able to meet the entire scope of products listed by Anatel, in all the categories indicated above, the complete list of products can be seen on the site of Anatel itself, see here.

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